LDOCE5 Viewer

LDOCE5 Viewer 2013.03

Access the digital version of the popular Longman dictionary
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2013.03.24 (See all)
Taku Fukada

View and browse the database of the digital conversion of the Longman English dictionary. Automatically generate a list of the current most common words, phrases or idioms based on their category, such as common use, slang, American, business, food, technology, etc.

This is a viewer app for the Longman dictionary of contemporary English. Good for teachers who want to generate a list of the most common uncountable nouns, most common informal words, most common American words, words related to business, food, technology, etc. Just start typing and you will immediately see a complete list of search results, including inflected forms, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, Activator entries, etc. — even if you type an incomplete phrase. LDOCE5 Viewer is better at finding what you’re looking for than the original LDOCE software.

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